I been sellin crack since like tha fif grade.




Domino’s, Papa John’s & Pizza Hut are all exceptional at what they do. I will never not eat from them and that’s word to Big Bird.

Little Caesars can suck bout 4.3513 dicks with its bullshit pizzas and sides. That’s the real deal Holyfield.

nigga fuck domino’s, that shit is filth and i will gladly remind you of this every single day until one of us dies, and since you’re eating domino’s i can only assume that’ll be you.

Niggas always hating on little Caesars

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25.Jul.14 13 hours ago
Key to Success Bruh?, I Know you know it ha


sacrifice young blood in whatever ur passion is. i wore the same outfit 2 years straight cuz all my money was embedded into this rap shit in making pretty flacko pop. even now my social life weak cuz ppl be infuriated that i dont hang out wit dem idgaf i need all this money not when diddy out here pouring ace of spades all over his designer shoes at after parties n still up by 8am the next business day. not even to sound like some rapper but my main bitch always gon be my side bitch cuz im married to this hustle just gimmie 6 foot yellow bitch to pop a seed in and let me sit on her shoulders at concerts and im str8

25.Jul.14 15 hours ago


it’s like halfway through 2014 get your shit together and quit the emotional shit bruh

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24.Jul.14 19 hours ago

3 types of trash


People who leak other peoples nudes

People who defend people who leak nudes

People who blame the person who’s nudes were leaked

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24.Jul.14 19 hours ago